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Disposable Cleaning Products


Category: Medical
SKU: 1965239
Price: $65.00

Quantity Pack Size: 160 Cloths & 1 Charging Tub

SKU: 1822352
Price: $166.60

HYGEN Disposable Microfibre Mop
Quantity Pack Size: 150 Mops

SKU: 2025505
Price: $3.90

The Rubbermaid Commercial Disposable Wet Mop helps workers reduce the spread of dirt and grime,resulting in cleaner floors. Removes 3X More Dirt and Grease* (*Vs. RCP economy cotton mops). 

SKU: FGH24600
Price: $22.20

60" Gripper® Clamp Style Handles hold mop firmly between the jaws of the mop handle; For use with 2025505 Disposable Wet Mop. Available in Grey, Blue, Green & Red Handle options.

SKU: 1965240
Price: $210.00

Disposable Microfibre Cloth Bulk Pack.
Quantity Pack Size: 640 Cloth pack

SKU: 1965401
Price: $53.50

Disposable Microfibre Charging Tub.
Quantity Case Pack Size: 4 Tubs

SKU: FGQ95088
Price: $95.40

The Rubbermaid Commercial HYGEN™ Microfiber Charging Bucket is ideal for healthcare facilities, with a bucket designed to prevent over saturation of microfiber wet pads. 

SKU: GQ56000/75006
Price: $41.70

Quick-Connect Wet/Dry Frame and 130cm Handle
Quantity Pack Size: 1

SKU: 2031093
Price: $132.90

Kit includes everything you need for a convenient solution to quickly clean up general liquid spills. Includes: Spill Mop Storage Cabinet (2017162), pack of 10 Spill Mop Pads (2017059) and Spill Mop Handle(2017161). 



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